About Us

About Us


What that means to us:

We love coming in every day because of the people we get to work with. We’ve been through a lot together and have each other’s backs – in good times and bad. Mentoring is important to us and we find satisfaction in helping one another grow and improve. Our company has always been shaped by the people who work here and we challenge every team member to make their mark and add their name to our history.

What that means for you:

We understand that on the other side of every order is a person who is counting on us to come through for them. You’re a person just trying to do a good job. We understand because we’re the same. That’s why we’ll move mountains to make sure that everything comes together for you.


What that means to us:

We’ve seen it all and we know how to get it done. We’ve done the impossible so many times that the word just isn’t in our vocabulary any more. We don’t allow ourselves to become distracted by the size or complexity of a job. We just crush what’s in front of us and move on to the next task.

What that means to you:
Your emergency is our everyday. You can rest easy knowing that we’ve had crazier requests and hit them out of the park. We’ll walk you through it, we’ll reassure you and we’ll get your job done right.


What that means to us:

We believe, even as individuals, we have the power to move Namify forward. We know that we have the opportunity each day to build not only our company but ourselves. We learn from each other, we learn from our mistakes and discover better ways of doing things. Day by day, we get better. As a result, Namify becomes better.

What that means for you:

It’s not just your name we’re putting on your products. It’s ours too. We take that seriously and work hard to ensure everything we produce reflects well on you… and on us. Sometimes things go wrong. When they do we take ownership of our mistakes and make them right. It’s how you know that in building a relationship with Namify, we’ll only get better and better.


Namify’s biggest advantage is the sheer volume of orders we’re capable of handling – in 2017, we shipped over 6.1 million products for 13,178 clients in 29 countries. The volume of orders we process gives us an edge over the competition because we offer the highest discounts and fast shipping to get the best value on every product for our clients. Here are a few more advantages unique to us in the custom manufacturing and screen printing industry:

AXOMO – Our online platform, AXOMO, is the ideal solution for schools, nonprofits, government agencies, and anyone that needs an online store with fulfillment and shipping included. AXOMO gives you the ability to customize your site to match your brand guidelines, distribute store credit and manage department budgets, set up automated shipping and reordering, test your logo on any item for your store, and so much more.

In-House Production – Our production team is located on-site and all staff members are cross-trained to focus on whichever area of production needs the most attention (name tags, screen printing, banners, etc.) This gives us the ability to quality check our orders before they ship and allow our sales reps to make some last-minute changes that companies with outsourced production teams would not be capable of doing.

Quick Turnaround – Depending on the quantity needed, most of our lanyard and apparel orders are printed and processed in less than one week due to our close proximity to our vendors.

Automated Shipping And Fulfillment – We can provide automated shipping and fulfillment so you never have to worry about making sure packages are sent to the right branch location and that you never run out of the products you need.

On-Site Warehousing – We offer on-site warehousing to skip the process of waiting for apparel to arrive to provide the fastest production times possible.

Custom Manufacturing – We have built relationships with some of the best custom manufacturing companies overseas, which are focused on creating the highest quality products with the best pricing and turnaround times available.

9.4/10 Average Review Rating – We proudly display our customer reviews live on our website, currently our average customer review rating is 9.4/10.

Bryan Welton Namify Founder

Bryan L. Welton Jr


There is a genuine satisfaction when you engage your brand to bring about positive outcomes. Sure, these outcomes often include driving revenue, membership, awareness for your cause or one of many other worthy pursuits. But not to be forgotten is the incredible collaboration that can cultivate in your employees when you associate that brand with a shared set of values, or a culture, if you will.

This principle is timeless and deep; it is where I have anchored so much of my involvement within our industry. I have watched our team grow from the caring efforts of just my family to a throng of able professionals that really want to make you look good.

We’re not perfect, but we expect perfection from ourselves. We do not excuse failings, nor exonerate our duty to quality; rather we believe that your individual experience merits full priority, regardless of volume.

Unifying both your team and the public eye to the values you embody can truly be synergistic… that is what Namify is all about.

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